Jan 18, 2011

Someone is out there in rain

Someone is out there in rain
Why are you getting yourself drenched? Get inside, I said.
But he didn’t respond.
May be there is a storm inside him
May be its a mundane bondage that hurts him
Anyway, out there in rain,
In the darkest hour of night,
He is drenching himself.
There is lightning outside
In the momentary flash of the firmament,
I could see the silhouette of the man,
who refused to be away from the rain.
“Why do you let him to wet?
Why making him wait in the rain for the doors to be opened?, somebody asks from darkness
“The doors are open, I replied.
No response
Another lightning flash
It was shocking to see the face of the drenched man this time
He was myself
Now let me utter
Yes, the doors are not open
And they never have been...

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