Jan 6, 2011

Why should I change?

There were many situations in my life where I thought I am urgently in need of a total reformation of my character. In many of them I even tried to be a different person, with new attitudes, new behaviors, new outlooks etc. But I realized later that there are limits up to which one can change. A person who talks a lot can become one who never talk. But he can never become a man who speaks only moderately. Human mind stays in extremes, that I am well convinced. An important thing which I realized, used to advise myself and now I use here to advise those who wish to change themselves is this: The people who love you, love you because of the way you are now. You want to change means either you want more people to like you or you want you to like yourself. I don't think it will work. If you took this many years to make this many people who like you now, how long will it take to collect this many people who like the 'new you'? Moreover, when you are trying to be someone who you actually ain't, you will have to be perpetually conscious of the way you behave. That will tamper with the normal day-to-day activities and you will start looking weird. So better be what you are and accept yourself as you are. (To all those dear friends who once in a while advised me NOT to change; yes dear! I haven't changed)

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