May 16, 2011

Out from a lost mirage

It was an arid desert I have been walking all along... Alone, tired and so badly lost... I had only heard about love, care, affection and happiness and could never envisage how these things would be. I had even thought these are just imaginations of poetic mind having no counterparts in the real world...
It was all of a sudden I came under the cover of a feeling... A motherly affection, a soothing care... For the first time in my life I felt all those poetic imaginations which I had heard about are all real... I was literally in a spree, having got blessings that I had only a collection of dreams and anecdotes about... I saw flowers blooming, birds warbling, angels dancing and beautiful streams meandering along the valley of my thoughts...
Did I lose myself in exhilaration?
When, I don't remember... After a moment of self-loss in the blink of my eyes, I saw my garden drab with zombies of blooms scattered on ground... There were no singing birds... I saw all my dancing little angels sobbing, their wings fallen off their tender bodies. All the beautiful streams had gone dry leaving behind a thirsty sigh...
I was not dreaming since I had never known what sleep is!
Fear is what is left behind; not of encountering another beautiful mirage, but of losing it.

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