Jan 12, 2013

We are all alone

You think you see us
You think you hear us
But we are not what you see
We are not what you hear
You don't know us
We don't even know ourselves
We don't know each other
All of us are alone,
Although there's in an 'us' in us.
We are lunatics
We are loved for what we aren't
We are pushed away for what we are
We think alone
We love alone
We laugh alone
And we cry alone

We are lunatics


  1. We are pushed away for what we are
    .......... indeed

  2. yes...we are all lunatics..we are all alone..we live alone..we love alone..
    from the very moment of existence we are bound by this nasty loneliness..yet we are often deceived by the momentary togetherness...when someone says,i'll be with you,think about the good bye they gonna say soon..when someone says i'll walk with you,think about the divergence that gonna happen soon..

    so never let the 'pain' of being with someone you love invade your loneliness...believe me,such togetherness is unworthy...

    make peace with your loneliness..that's all you needed for a serene being..:)
    #snippets of my life lessons!