Jul 3, 2013

I did see the signs

I did see the signs wayside
Though I never knew you left them
The road hitherto was not smooth
And had stones and thorns all along
Amid the turmoil of feelings
I did see the signs you'd left

In the ambiance of the woods, I waited for a sound
But not a wee sweep of wind I could feel
There were unfathomable ponds along
Where I halted and looked onto for visuals
I couldn't even recognize on the reflections
My own silhouette over the ripples

What kept me going I know not
There were twists along the way
For every unexpected twist it took
You'd left your signs all along
I were never too distant from you
But it took me this long a journey to reach you
I knew not you were waiting for me
But I did see the signs you'd left

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